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Preceptor Requirements / Tips For Securing Preceptors

Preceptor Requirements:

  1. Must be a licensed / credentialed professional, for the area in which they will act as a preceptor, meeting all state and federal regulations.  If an RDN, at least one year work experience post credentialing is required.
  2. Submit a completed “Preceptor Qualifications” form to the intern for each supervised practice rotation.  This form must be submitted for preceptors of the following rotations as part of the supplemental application:  Food Service Management-Healthcare; Clinical Nutrition - Acute Care; and Long Term Care.
  3. Submit a resume or Curriculum Vitae (CV).
  4. Acknowledge responsibilities including:  intern orientation to facility / staff; schedule appropriate experiences to fulfill rotation competencies; mentor (may delegate this) the intern in their daily assignments / performance; assist intern with rotation assignments; evaluate intern on required learning outcomes; communicate intern’s progress with program director; and ensure compliance with NutraSourceDI’s policies and procedures.

Tips For Securing Preceptors:

Click here for the Preceptor Qualification Form

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