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Inaugural Intern Class
2019 - 2020

NutraSourceDI is a distance dietetic internship program inviting all eligible dietetic students nationwide to apply.  We will accept up to 40 qualified interns. As an intern in our program, you will have the convenience and flexibility of completing your internship in your local area while achieving your eligibility status to take the Commission on Dietetic Registrations (CDR) credentialing exam for Registered Dietitian Nutritionists (RDN).  NutraSourceDI participates in Assessment of Prior Learning.  We offer a Non-Degree Full-time (9 month) track, with the option to apply for a master’s degree through a partnership with the University of Alabama (UA).  Some of the courses in the graduate degree program are designed to be integrated into the supervised practice portion of an internship. As part of the degree program, students are required to take an Advanced Medical Nutrition Therapy and an Advanced Food Systems Management course in the summer prior to starting the internship in the fall, for a total of 6 graduate credits. The University of Alabama offers interns the option to enroll in the Master of Science (M.S.) in Human Nutrition, with options to choose the general M.S. or a concentration in Clinical Nutrition or Community Nutrition. For more information, see their flyer (click here) or visit their website:

NutraSourceDI's Program Plan in response to COVID-19  
1.  ​As a Distance Dietetic Internship, the following program activities are scheduled remotely as a matter of policy:  on-boarding; individual and group intern meetings; summer practice assignments; and Pre-Orientation assignments.
2.  Our week-long Orientation program will be held remotely and are doing so via Zoom. To complete some of the activities video recordings will take place. As a result, we decided to keep all Orientation to be held virtually to help keep the program cost as managemable as possible. Also, we found the interns preferred this delivery mode for Orientation. 
3.  In the event that interns, depending on their respective locations, are not permitted to physically go to their scheduled rotation sites after Orientation, we can schedule remote activities for their rotation requirements. This cannot and will not replace real life activities which can be conducted virtually with a preceptor who is willing to provide experiences remotely.  This is in accordance with ACEND's response to COVID-19 and details can be found on their website at this link
4.  We will remain flexible and will revise our program schedule for each intern's individual schedule based on the status of COVID-19 recommendations at that point in time. This will also require flexibility on the part of each intern. Working together, we are committed to ensuring our interns a well-rounded, exceptional experience.
5. Lastly, to help with interns graduation and the limitation of being onsite have 400-hours available for remote instruction. Although this is not the preferred method of delivery as onsite experience is highly desirable, remote assignments will provide a variety of experience that best simulate real life practice. 


Once accepted, you will choose one of three program concentrations we offer: Long Term Care; Medical Nutrition Therapy; or Wellness Promotion.  Our main concentration focus is Long Term Care.  We see a rising increase in the demand for dietitian nutritionists for this industry due to the Baby-boom generation reaching age 65 and we would like to be the solution to fill this anticipated rise in demand. If your interest is in Medical Nutrition Therapy or Wellness Promotion, you may choose one of these as your concentration area

Our aim is to position our graduates to fill the projected overall increased need for competent RDNs as outlined by the Bureau of Labor Statistics Job Outlook:  “Employment of dietitians and nutritionists is projected to grow 11% percent from 2018 to 2028, much faster than the average for all occupations”

As a NutraSourceDI graduate, you will be poised for a rewarding career in dietetics through your supervised practice experiences and the relationships you develop through our program.   You may pursue career opportunities in a variety of settings.  Entry-level nutrition and dietetic positions available to you include working in hospitals, long term care facilities, food service departments, school food service programs, corporate wellness programs, sports nutrition, private practice, community and public health settings.  You are encouraged to apply for an amazing career opportunity at NutraSourceRD.  Please watch this short video from our Human Resources Recruiter Sara Zaza, on why working at NutraSourceRD is a good choice.

Accreditation Information

NutraSourceDI has been granted candidate status by the Accreditation Council for Education in
Nutrition and Dietetics of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics



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Phone No.

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