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Intern Testimonials


Jessica S., PA

img I’ll be honest, when I was looking through multiple internship programs, I was nervous about picking a distance internship program. They can be a lot of work to set up, but when I found NutraSourceDI, I knew I wanted to intern with them right away. Not only were they able to provide me with some of my rotation sites, but they also assisted me in securing the remainder of my sites. After meeting Rose and the rest of the team at orientation, I was blown away by the empathy and self-care which they promoted. So far, a distance internship has allowed me to travel throughout Pennsylvania. It has provided me with skills which I don’t feel I would have gained in a traditional internship. I was able to set up rotation sites specifically in my interests and strengthened my willpower and leadership through the challenge of setting up my own sites. It was hard work, but with the help of NutraSource, I learned anything is possible. img


Kristen W., NJ


img Hello, I am a dietetic student in the 2019/2020 NutraSourceDI class. I truly believe that the NutraSourceDI has helped to fill the void in the limited number of distance programs available in New Jersey. I enjoyed my experience with NutraSourceDI and I am grateful for all of those who have helped me during this journey. I truly appreciate the one-on-one time with program director Rosemarie Fenchel. Her positive and cheerful attitude made the experience all the more enjoyable. The distance dietetic internship allowed me to work within my home state with preceptors whom I have already developed a relationship with. My preceptors and the department staff were very supportive. I truly felt as though they wanted me to succeed. img



Erin B. (NutraSourceDI program Intern/University of Alabama MS program student)., PA


Alexandra C., NY


img Being a part of NutraSourceDI’s first intern class has been both an honor and a privilege. NutraSouceDI has an innovative and caring team available to assist at all times. The Dietetic Internship Director, Ms. Rosemarie Fenchel, MPA, RDN, LHNA, CDP, has a hands-on approach and personal connections with each of her student interns. Choosing their program has provided me with the learning skills necessary to become a diversified Registered Dietitian. I know my success has been contingent upon this experience. img


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