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NutraSourceRD: COVID-19 Response

During the last few weeks, NSRD and the facilities we serve have been faced with many challenges. Let me start by saying, we are beyond proud of our Registered Dietitians and their response to this pandemic. Your dedication and continuing support for your residents shows an incredible amount of compassion. 

The information about COVID-19 has been constantly evolving, and we want to present our clinical team with the most reliable sources of information to turn to.


CDC Resources for Healthcare Professionals


Webinar: Healthcare procedures


Symptoms of COVID-19


Testing of COVID-19 

The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Professional Resources


As our nursing homes have been ramping up their COVID-19 response plans, we remind our RD's to continue to be diligent with the required social-distancing measures.Our Corporate team will continue to make every effort in maintaining your health and safety. 

Again, we would like to thank our NSRD healthcare hero's for your role and response during this time


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